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Justice or moral uprightness of human soul according to Plato

Conversely, Plato (through Socrates) makes the contention that justice and morality are not socially constructed entities, but instead exist objectively. In this instance, humans should adhere to justice and morality regardless of the consequences. This essay considers these points in relation to the Republic and presents my own position on the debate. From the very opening of the Republic Plato sets about establishing the notion of justice and considering why it should be followed. One of the first aspects that are addressed in terms of justice concerns its very nature. In Book I Cephalus argues that justice constitutes following the laws and legal regulations that are established. Socrates refutes this claim arguing instead that while it would be legal to supply a madman with a weapon that you had taken from him, it would not be morally just as this could cause problems. A series of arguments regarding the nature of justice then occur, wherein an individual raises a socially constructed aspect of justice that is then refuted by Socrates in various ways. For instance, Thrasymachus argues that justice doesn’t exist, but is merely the demonstration of the stronger person or entity’s will. ...
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Justice or moral uprightness of human soul according to Plato
Plato’s Republic is one of the foremost philosophical texts of the ancient world. While the text examines a broad array of philosophical issues, one of its primary considerations is the nature of morality…
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