Are we our bodies or are we our minds? Descartes and Nietzsche's arguments - Essay Example

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Are we our bodies or are we our minds? Descartes and Nietzsche's arguments

I will discuss and compare arguments from both philosophers’ viewpoints in order to reach a conclusion. In “Meditations on First Philosophy,” Rene Descartes begins to uncover the underlying truth for humankind through various methods. His ideas and thoughts were considered radical at that time, particularly because his arguments went against those made by Aristotle, upon which society perceived truth (SparkNotes Editors). Because of this fact, Descartes tried to entice Aristotelian philosophers into reading all six meditations by starting off light. The first meditation is supposed to build the groundwork and is not supposed to come up with any quick answers. Descartes conveys to himself that whatever he thinks he knows so far must be doubted in order to build a solid foundation that cannot be proven false. He argues in the first meditation that his body is faulty and is bound to make errors. This leads him to believe that it cannot be trusted in showing him what the real truth is. In addition, he also starts to doubt his senses as they are an extension of his body and are thus flawed. Left with knowing nothing, Descartes slowly transcends into deep thought and begins to ponder if the world in which he lives is just a “universal dream” where some evil genius is trying to manipulate him in every possible way. ...Show more


First and Last Name Professor’s Full Name Name of Course or Subject 8 July 2011 Are we our Bodies or are we our Minds? Descartes and Nietzsche’s arguments In philosophy, the imperative matter of what is mind and what is body comes into practice many times as philosophers deconstruct the human disposition…
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