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Name of Student HUM/176 Professor: Star Hall July 21, 2011 University of Phoenix Part I The position of news director at a television station is a complex job that requires analytical abilities and making tough decisions that affect the general public and the organization.


These types of decisions are not always simple and they can vary depending on the circumstances. In the television business ratings are important. Programs that are able to obtain higher ratings can be used by television stations as cash cows that generate extra revenues because companies are willing to pay higher prices for ads aired in shows that have higher ratings. If I was faced with a scenario in which my news program had achieved low ratings during the last few weeks then I would choose the death of the celebrity as my lead story. Celebrities are icon figures that the general public follows closely. When a celebrity dies the entire media covers the story because people want to know about it. Another reason for choosing the celebrity story over the recreation parks story is because at the beginning of a news telecast it is always important to catch the attention of the viewers. A lot of television watchers are very impulsive viewers especially when it comes to watching news. If a person likes the initial news of the telecast the company increases the chances of retaining the viewer throughout the entire program. The news story about the city council shutting down the recreational parks three days a week has a lot of social impact. ...
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