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Philosopher Biography: John Locke John Locke is recognized as one of the major philosophers of the Modern period. His seminal thinking in texts such as an Essay Concerning Human Understanding and Two Treatises on Government had both a powerful impact on thinkers of his time and would go on to influence some of the founding forefathers of the United States, including Thomas Jefferson.


Indeed, Locke’s insights in political philosophy make him one of history’s greatest philosophers, with a portion of his writing even being reproduced in the Declaration of Independence. This essay considers Locke’s life and examines some of his major works in establishing his profound impact on the modern world. Locke was born August 29th, 1632. Locke was born into a relatively affluent family, with a father who was an attorney. His father, who carried the same name, was clerk to the Justices of the Peace in Chew Magna. During the English Civil War he served as captain of the cavalry for the Parliamentarian forces. Locke’s mother was also a recognized figure in the community. She has been noted to be a beautiful woman and the daughter of a tanner. Both of his parents were Puritans. This religious influence had a strong impact on Locke’s life in that the strong educational and moral principles became prominent elements of his own life. Locke himself was born in a cottage in Wrington, Somerset very near Bristol. The strong tenants of Locke’s parent’s values emerged in terms of his education, as he was sent to the renowned Westminster School in London. Locke was a standout student at this institute and would continue his studies at the equally prestigious Christ Church in Oxford. ...
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