My digital collaboration technology will be on: Go to My PC

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Selected Digital Collaboration Technology: GoToMyPc Submitted to, [Name of Instructor] Submitted By, [Name of the student] Submitted on, [July 17th, 2011] CURRENT SCENARIO It is assumed that I am the Assistant Vice President Research and Development of Bearing Point International.


This is a very acute problem as troubleshooting often takes days owing to the absence of a mechanism for timely data transfer and communication. I suggest a solution that may be implemented in order to resolve the problems being faced by the company. A cost-effective solution of a digital collaboration technology named “GoToMyPC” is an ideal solution in situations like this. Narrated below is a detailed description of the chosen digital collaboration technology. The description highlights the potential benefits of the chosen technology which in turn highlights how this current problem of miscommunication being faced by the company may be resolved. The description also highlights possible alternatives to the chosen technology and also gives a description of how the chosen technology has an edge over each one of them. Lastly, the overall cost of the embedding of technology is narrated so as to give the higher management a clear idea about its implementation costs. INTRODUCTION The advent of Information Technology that began just a few decades ago has sped manifolds into latest advancements. Every other day a new technological invention is being heard of. Present day technological advancements outnumber the expansion rate of any other advancements that may have been experienced by the human race so far. ...
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