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Name of the of the Instructor Subject Date Submitted Proposal Introduction Any modern organization worth its name cannot afford to neglect one of its most important assets, namely the employees that form part of its workforce, carry out the day to day activities and work to achieve the enterprise goals…

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Need for Healthcare Coverage Congratulations on the adoption of a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program for your organization. Employee Assistance Programs are quite popular and are the need of the hour, as the cost of medical coverage is becoming increasingly out of reach for the majority of Americans- especially among the middle class, the poorer classes and the homeless sections of society. Many of us have been the victims of the last financial crisis, losing homes, cars, jobs and even the chance to lead a proper lifestyle. All in all, the need for proper and complete healthcare coverage cannot be denied in today’s workplace. Healthy employees are the boon of any workplace; they can function at the peak of their performance and make a great difference to productivity and the bottom line. At the other end of the spectrum, how many of us have been affected by bouts of ill health that keep us from performing at our best on any given workday. Even the common cold or a nagging headache or worst of all an excruciating toothache or earache can make us take the day off and stay at home in pain and discomfort. So clearly, healthcare coverage has many benefits not only for the employees but also for the organization. ...
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