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Medical Ethics

Forceful circumstances that can dictate the amputation of limbs include stopping the spread of a certain condition like malignant cancer to other parts of the body, serious diabetes or an extensively fractured/damaged leg. However, some people may demand such a medical operation despite their perfect state of health. An example is a person with a rational desire to have one of their perfectly healthy limbs amputated. In such a case, serious issues in the field of medical ethics have to be considered before the physicians can go ahead with the amputation or reject this request. The aim of this paper is to give an argument that physicians have a moral reason to permit the individual to go through with the amputation. The second part of the paper gives an objection to this argument followed by a justification of the stronger argument. Argument in support for the amputation as a moral duty One of the critical ethical issues to be considered in the case of such a request is patient autonomy. First of all, it is very true to say that every person has the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. This is because the issue of personal autonomy has to be respected. In fact, it is one of the ethical principles in the medical field. ...
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Medical Ethics Under normal circumstances, medical operations are carried out on individuals with medical conditions like injuries or diseases. These conditions prompt the performance of medical procedures in order to treat the disease or correct a situation hence saving the life as well as the quality of life of the person…
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