Gay Rights in the Military

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(Student’s name) (Teacher’s name) (Course name and number) (Date) Gay Rights in the Military Introduction The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of former President Bill Clinton caused gays in the military to be discharged and deprived of service benefits.


The views of Aristotle and Immanuel Kant shall be examined, followed by a presentation of a justifiable position on the issue. Ethical views of Aristotle Aristotle was a student of Plato for no less than about twenty years. He proved to be a genius, observed by his great teacher to be no intelligence personified. Today Aristotle is considered as the forerunner of science, having laid the philosophical foundation for such fields of knowledge as Logic, Biology, Natural Science, Politics and Ethics. On Ethics, Aristotle conceived of human nature as sound, man taking a natural path to attain happiness or GAY RIGHTS IN THE MILITARY excellence. On the issue of sexuality, Aristotle’s Law of Libido regarded the sexual instinct to be natural, even as same sex attraction is logical or reasonable. Aristotle’s acceptance of the biological forces that drive human sexuality has also justified his benign regard for his student, Alexander, son of the King of Macedonia later to be the greatest conqueror the world of his days. Not escaping public scrutiny was Alexander’s love affinity with at least two men-- Hapheaston, a Macedonian noble, and Bagras, a court eunuch. ...
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