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Gay Rights in the Military - Essay Example


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Gay Rights in the Military

The views of Aristotle and Immanuel Kant shall be examined, followed by a presentation of a justifiable position on the issue. Ethical views of Aristotle Aristotle was a student of Plato for no less than about twenty years. He proved to be a genius, observed by his great teacher to be no intelligence personified. Today Aristotle is considered as the forerunner of science, having laid the philosophical foundation for such fields of knowledge as Logic, Biology, Natural Science, Politics and Ethics. On Ethics, Aristotle conceived of human nature as sound, man taking a natural path to attain happiness or GAY RIGHTS IN THE MILITARY excellence. On the issue of sexuality, Aristotle’s Law of Libido regarded the sexual instinct to be natural, even as same sex attraction is logical or reasonable. Aristotle’s acceptance of the biological forces that drive human sexuality has also justified his benign regard for his student, Alexander, son of the King of Macedonia later to be the greatest conqueror the world of his days. Not escaping public scrutiny was Alexander’s love affinity with at least two men-- Hapheaston, a Macedonian noble, and Bagras, a court eunuch. At the same time, Greeks admitted same-sex practices, especially in the regions of Elis and Borotia, where same-sex relationships were viewed to be part of excellence in character among men. In fact, an army of same-sex lovers in a regiment of 500 gay soldiers, known as the Sacred Bank of Thebes, gained great renown for their courageous exploits

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In particular the biggest political and social movements that we have seen have been the debate on gay marriage and more recently DADT, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Gay marriage has been a debate for many years. This has been extremely debated in the United States due to many reasons.
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Where Gay Rights will be in 20 years
Where Gay Rights will be in 20 years Introduction Gay and lesbian rights have emerged as a significant subject in human rights and civil liberties debates over the last 30 years or so. Historically gay men and lesbian women have been denied the equal protection of law in employment, have been denied the welfare, social, legal and economic benefits of marriage and have systematically suffered marginalization.
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Historical Context of One Nation under God (1993) Movie and Era for the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement
Historical Context of One Nation under God (1993) Movie and Era for the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement The gay fraternity has made remarkable efforts in gaining acceptance of gays and recognition of gay rights in the mainstream society today, despite the strong opposition the group has encountered over the years due to high intolerance towards the practice and its members.
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Gays In The Military
The contemporary trend towards liberalism and scientific rationalism have made the things both simple and complex at the same time. With the onslaught of AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other such deathly maladies, any possibility of gays serving in the army has got enveloped in even darker and debilitating ramifications.
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gays and lesbians; they emphasize that “gays and lesbians have ample political power, with key politicians backing their goals, including same sex marriage” (Sage). Sage also emphasizes in her article that for opponents of Proposition 8, they question whether or not the US
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Gay rights in america
This was true of the abolition of slavery, the New Deal measures of 1930s, the civil rights movement of the 1960s and more. In recent decades, with the gradual acceptance of homosexuality as a normal sexual orientation, its
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Gay in the military
Gays and lesbians form a significant part of the population of the United States. When issues like increasing the strength and number of armed forces and the rights of the gays for serving in the armed forces came forward, thoughts and
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Gay marriages in the Military
However, more liberal group of people always put this issue forward in terms of equality and non-discrimination. They actually publicized it to be treated as a case of human and civil rights and
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According to Andryszewski in the book entitled Gay Rights, the movement to promote gay rights did not happen in a single night. It is a long process since it can be considered to be present even in the earlier part of the human
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Gay Scouts
While gay-ism goes against the conservative opinions, it had been banned in most U.S states until January 2014 when it was voted to be legalized through the lifting of a ban on gay scouts that had been standing for a century. While the opponents argued from the
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in war (Standford). The Ethics of Immanuel Kant Prior to the days of Immanuel Kant, the Age of Reason had paved the way for reason without religion. Among rationalist philosophers, John Locke could not accept innate ideas, such as of God, since for him nothing is in the mind except through the senses. Meanwhile, David Hume ushered in philosophical scepticism when he taught that truth cannot be established at all. Reacting to these philosophical theories, Kant tried to re-establish transcendental reality and truth. In his Critique of Pure Reason, he argued that truth arises due to the inherent nature and structure of the mind. Meanwhile, the senses are not the be-all of knowledge since these merely contribute stimulus, which turn into perceptions and thoughts after being organized by the mind. Science therefore is organized knowledge, while wisdom is organized living. In his Critique of Practical Reason, Kant posed the existence of innate GAY RIGHTS IN THE MILITARY principles of morality in the mind. For him a categorical imperative is the seat of man’s inner sense of duty-- the moral law. Even religion is based on practical reason, and so “any Bible or revelation must be judged by its value for morality, and cannot be the judge of a moral code” (Durant, p. 279-280). This makes Churches and religious doctrines subject to the moral standards and norms of the people. Philosophical-Historical Analysis Aristotle’s Ethics, as well as his natural philosophy, views sexual orientation to be part of the rich diversity of biological and human life. This agrees with Greek culture which accepts sexuality as part of nature’s fabric. Among Greeks, same-sex attraction is even recognized among fighting men. Following the Age of Reason, Kant criticized religion, which is the radical cause for oppression and injustice done to homosexuals. The Jewish faith


and number) Gay Rights in the Military Introduction The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of former President Bill Clinton caused gays in the military to be discharged and deprived of service benefits…
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Gay Rights in the Military essay example
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