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Running Head: COMPARATIVE ESSAY: ARISTOTLE AND GAUTAMA BUDDHA COMPARATIVE ESSAY: ARISTOTLE AND GAUTAMA BUDDHA Name Course Introduction Aristotle and Gautama Buddha are two of the greatest ancient philosophers that the world has known. The first was born in the West and the other in the East, but both were born in the period before the birth of Christ.


Despite these two philosophies superficial similarities in that both advocate moderateness, there are certain differences that set them apart. Background: Aristotle and Gautama Buddha Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who was born in 385 B.C. in a city in the northeastern coast of Greece. He studied in the Platonic Academy in Athens when he was seventeen under Plato. After Plato’s death, Aristotle left Athens and settled in Mysia, but fled to a nearby island when the Persians invaded Greece. It was not long thereafter that the King of Macedon invited him to tutor his son Alexander who will later succeed to the throne and become one of the greatest military tacticians of all time. When Alexander became king, Aristotle went back to Athens and taught at the Lyceum. Upon Alexander’s death, Aristotle was driven into exile by the rebels on the suspicion of being a Macedonian sympathizer (Winn and Jacks, 1-2). On the other hand, Gautama Buddha was born Siddharta Gautama in Nepal in 560 B.C. to a wealthy and influential family. At 18, Gautama married the daughter of the village chief, but left her and their newborn and renounced all material wealth to seek the meaning of life. ...
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