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Smartphone: The great tool of this era is here to stay.

The smart phone however, delivers much more than that with features of a qwerty key board, text-messaging, e-mail, Web access, removable storage, camera, FM radio, digital music player, games, financial management tools, personal organizer, and GPS, many of which are features which have become essential in the modern world (Parsons & Oja, 2011). The value addition to communication to the life of an individual era through the smart phone can be gauged from its increasing popular use in these difficult times of continued economic recession. This aspect of the smart phone is emphasized by Seymour 2010, p.55 in these words “What recession? One such sector that is continuing to expand in these troubled fiscal times is the Smartphone market”. The versatility of the applications in a smart phone that allow accessibility and sharing of information from a mobile platform in one’s hands and operated by the sleight of one’s fingers have made the smart phone no longer a luxury, but a necessity that will see remain so not just in the present, but in the future too (Shams, 2011). The Smartphone is a great tool of the modern era and here to stay. The Smart Phone In general it is difficult to provide an accurate description of a smart phone. In general terms a smart phone is a mobile computer that also provides mobile phone communication. ...
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Smartphone – A Great Tool of the Modern Era and Here to Stay Introduction More than four decades ago Martin Cooper and his research team at Motorola gave realization to the dreams of handheld mobile communication through the handheld cell phone, which was considered a significant advance in wireless communication (Dominick, 2010)…
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