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Proofs for the Existence of God

There are unanswered questions even today about the importance and existence of God as creator of this universe or the galaxies that astronomers see through their ever more powerful telescope. If it is conceivable that this universe had a beginning and will have an end, then it is logical to assume that it must have had a creator, since nothing can be created out of nothing. While John Leslie in his treatise on the subject of ethically required existences argues that there must be proof of God somewhere in the system of things, St Anslem of old puts the cart before the horse and argues that the importance that religion and mankind gives to God proves his existence (Anslem, 4)1. Explication To my mind, both philosophers are arguing for the existence of God, but each from a different standpoint. John Leslie, in his argument for what he calls ‘ethically required existences’, relies on the tenets of naturalism and prescriptivism to explain his viewpoint (Leslie, 1972:222)2. St. ...
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Proofs for the Existence of God Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Proofs for the Existence of God Q. John Leslie argues that some things are ethically required existences. St. Anselm argues, importance of God entails its existence. Can an argument for ethically required existences prove that God, as a supremely ethically required good person, exists?…
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