Two-Tier Healthcare

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TWO-TIER HEALTHCARE Few can deny that healthcare is one of the most important things we require as citizens. Without our health, we have reduced capacity and a reduced enjoyment of life. It is therefore very important that we find a way to access the best possible healthcare.


Canada is a fortunate country as it guarantees healthcare for all. But again the problem of costs arises. The government pays for everything, no matter how expensive. The result is that the Canadian healthcare budget is growing out of control. We need reform. The most moral and just kind of reform would be to implement a two-tier or mixed system of healthcare delivery. This will lower costs and ensure that healthcare does not become unaffordable for all. The truth is that healthcare is as Norman Daniels puts it “a special good” (146). It it not like other things in our economy and society. The economist Brian Lee Crowley puts the issue succinctly as follows: Two-tier health care is a slippery concept. Everybody seems to think they know what it is, but I think that there is a lot more confusion than people realize. As some have already pointed out, we have a lot of angry discussions about “preventing” two-tier access in Canada, and yet we clearly already have multi-tier access, including to insured services. ...
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