Proof of God's existence and Human error

Proof of God
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[Name] [Instructor Name] [Course Title] [Date] Descartes – Proof of God’s Existence and Human Error Descartes was one of the philosophers that endeavored to prove the existence of God by providing logical reasons. He provided this discussion in his works titled Meditations on First Philosophy.


It is a logical reality that in order for something to be created, someone must create it. According to Descartes, in order for an idea to contain objective reality, it must be derived from a cause that contains at least as much of a formal reality as there is objective reality in the idea. With this logic, Descartes explains that the objective reality of an idea cannot come from a man therefore it must be derived from something else. Only a perfect and infinite being could be capable of creating such an idea, and since man is not infinite, therefore such ideas can never be derived from man. On the other hand, God is perfect and an infinite being with infinite formal reality, therefore such objective ideas must have come from God; therefore God exists. Second proof of the existence of God is that; the power and action needed to preserve something are the same as needed for creating something anew. Creation of something is an effect and each effect has a cause, therefore there must be as much reality in the cause as in the effect. According to Descartes, man cannot have power to preserve himself therefore the existence that caused the creation of man must be the one preserving the man himself. Since man can think, the entity that created man must also have the ability to think. Man is not a perfect being and had man been able to create himself, he would have made the man perfect. ...
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