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Should Evolution be Taught in Public Schools?

They maintain that the Biblical version of creation not the scientific theory of evolution is correct. This emotion-filled debate normally centers on which account the public schools will teach. Eventually everyone will accept that evolution is fact and creation a myth even educationally deprived children in the State of Kansas which has chosen to teach both. Unfortunately it will be many generations in coming because society evolves very gradually. Teaching the creation story in public schools only serves to fulfill the role of defending particular religious beliefs. If kids are to be taught, it is exclusively the responsibility of the church and parents because teaching the religious stories including creation in public schools violates constitutional principle. This subject evokes strong passions from those motivated by their religious beliefs and by those who would defend the Constitution. The First Amendment begins with “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” (“The Constitution”) The concept of creation is indisputably religious doctrine. The government, consequently, cannot endorse it in classrooms and call it science without infringing on both the First Amendment and common sense. ...
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Instructor name Date Should Evolution Be Taught In Public Schools? In the mid-Nineteenth Century the theory of evolution was opposed by religious individuals and organizations when initially introduced by Charles Darwin. This same religiously fanaticism continues to reject the thought of humans evolving from apes…
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