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Should Evolution be Taught in Public Schools - Term Paper Example

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Should Evolution be Taught in Public Schools

They maintain that the Biblical version of creation not the scientific theory of evolution is correct. This emotion-filled debate normally centers on which account the public schools will teach. Eventually everyone will accept that evolution is fact and creation a myth even educationally deprived children in the State of Kansas which has chosen to teach both. Unfortunately it will be many generations in coming because society evolves very gradually. Teaching the creation story in public schools only serves to fulfill the role of defending particular religious beliefs. If kids are to be taught, it is exclusively the responsibility of the church and parents because teaching the religious stories including creation in public schools violates constitutional principle. This subject evokes strong passions from those motivated by their religious beliefs and by those who would defend the Constitution. The First Amendment begins with “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” (“The Constitution”) The concept of creation is indisputably religious doctrine. The government, consequently, cannot endorse it in classrooms and call it science without infringing on both the First Amendment and common sense. The Supreme Court has said that teachers cannot tell their students that life were created by God and must impart only scientific accounts for the history of life. “Creationism cannot be presented as scientific fact. In addition, it is also unconstitutional to compel teachers to teach creationism and schools may not refuse to teach evolution in an effort to avoid offending religious individuals” (Dorman, 2005). In addition, the idea of placing disclaimers in school textbooks such as “the teaching of evolution is not intended to influence or dissuade the Biblical version of Creation or any other concept” (Freiler, 2000) has been legally recognized to be unconstitutional. A teacher does have the constructional authority to teach evolution. Religious conceptions of creation may be included into the school curriculums as example comparing what some religious groups believe to be true. The foundations of intellectual integrity and of scientific cannot consent to the teaching of religious stories of creation as an alternative approach to evolution. This is because science entails the constant effort to disprove theories while religion merely accepts what has been written by undetermined authors as true. “Religion is based on faith that is never questioned while science is based on knowledge that is constantly questioned” (“Epperson v. Arkansas”, 1968). Creationism, the intelligent design theory and creation science are similar terms that religious groups use to explain how the universe and everything in it was made and they want included into public education. Those that believe in creationism think that God first created the universe and then man according to the account of creation offered by the Bible. Creation Science attempts to disprove the theory of evolution and provides unscientific ‘proof’ that all matter known in the universe was created by an omnipotent being as is recounted by the Bible. Intelligent Design theorists argue that because modern science has no positive proof of evolution, this fact undoubtedly demonstrates that divine intervention is the only rational explanation. Intelligent design ...Show more


Instructor name Date Should Evolution Be Taught In Public Schools? In the mid-Nineteenth Century the theory of evolution was opposed by religious individuals and organizations when initially introduced by Charles Darwin. This same religiously fanaticism continues to reject the thought of humans evolving from apes…
Author : fbotsford
Should Evolution be Taught in Public Schools essay example
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