Karl Marx and Economic Determinism

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Professor’s name: Student’s name: Module Title: Summer 2011 Module No: Philosophy 2306 Submission date: 07/28/2011 Karl Marx and Economic Determinism Eminent nineteenth century philosopher, theorist and intellectual Karl Marx (1818-1883) has presented his famous Labor Theory of Value, which is actually the continuation of his central notion of social conflict.


Consequently, the upper class is bound to surrender their resources in order to give way to the lower classes eventually, which is actually the law of nature for the preservation and stability of the very foundations of society. His magnificent Das Kapital (1867) is regarded as the Bible of Socialism, which reflects upon political, social and economic history of struggle between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat since ever. Marxism argues that human history is replete with the evidences of the very reality that economic efforts are vehemently essential for the survival of humans in general. “Marx believes that laws are the product of class oppression, and that laws would have to disappear with the advent of communism.” (Zimmerman, 2009:96) Hence, all the developments, being made for centuries, are directly reliant upon the economic activities people get involved into and financial gains they maintain or generate, out of the hard work conducted by the workers on the one hand, and the volume of profit earned by the producer or investor on the other. Consequently, the entire series of achievements and progresses have been made by humans are certainly the product of the struggle inducted by the workers and the investment made by the producers rather than that of intellectual capabilities and philosophical vision. ...
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