Media Ethics and Violence in Media. The Effect of Media on the Public.

Media Ethics and Violence in Media. The Effect of Media on the Public. Essay example
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The article “Imitation media violence and freedom of speech” elaborates on the presence of violence in media and how it influences people largely to imitate violence. Various scandalous events and crimes may harm the public.


The author claims that children who are more influenced by television and media has a general tendency to imitate behaviors seen in media .The article states that this kind of social behavior aggravate the violence among children and lead to chaos in society So I agree with the article and believe that the media should follow ethical standard and should broadcast less violent information in order to avoid imitation of criminal behavior among public especially children. The article states that the tendency to imitate among young children is high, same as in infants. This news with violent content can have a negative impact on the children as they imitate what the criminals are doing which aggravate anti – social behavior in them. The author states that studies have shown the psychological effect of crime on children and their behavior. Today, crime is an important part of the news media. The media certainly has a complex and strong influence on the society and it is their responsibility and obligation to follow ethical standards to protect the social security of the public. The Concept of Media Ethics Ethics in the Greek means “Ethos” and it deals with principles regarding the way in which we need to live with the “good “and understanding the distinction between right and wrong. Media ethics is a set standard of principles and laws a media professional should follow during the practice of their profession. ...
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