"The Philosopher's Way": The Presence of the Common Law - Essay Example

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"The Philosopher's Way": The Presence of the Common Law

Indeed, the contents of the book are rich enough to match the grasp that Chaffe has as an associate Professor of Philosophy lecturing at the City University of New York. The dexterity and commitment of Dr. Chaffe to philosophy as a discipline is also underscored by his Critical Thinking Program, which brings into involvement, over 25 different faculties and over 3,000 students. Alongside the many workshops and conference presentations, the many books and a myriad of articles that John Chaffe has penned down multiply attest to his commitment and unparalleled contribution to philosophy. Several grants and the selection of Chaffe as the New York Scholar of the Year also clearly illustrate the unique and authoritative place of John Chaffe in philosophy. However, John Chaffe’s The Philosopher's Way does not merely borrow its importance from the person and fame of its author, but from the manner in which concepts to thinking and perception are introduced and discussed. This makes the book become a very powerful tool for not only the shaping of the reader’s worldview, but also inculcating an array of problem-solving skills and techniques. ...
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Inset Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Introduction If there is a discipline that has shaped not only the course and scope of human thinking, but also the course of human history, then it is philosophy. Many philosophy books have been written but the importance of each book is pegged on its uniqueness…
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