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Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Introduction Customarily, philosophers have defined knowledge as justified true belief (Papanutsos and Anton 1968). However, this has always been seen as a general definition which requires more articulation to have a comprehensive meaning.


For people to claim to know something, it is evident that they must be in possession of evidence on the same (Papanutsos and Anton 1968). With these benchmarks, it can be argued that knowledge actually requires foundations. However, to some extent, not all knowledge should have foundations. It depends on the kind of knowledge in question. Summary The association of knowledge with true belief forms the basis of foundations of knowledge. However, the nature of belief is what actually authenticates possession of knowledge. This paper is going to articulate on various concepts that revolve around knowledge. The knowledge people have on what is happening currently is based on assumptions and beliefs of previous happenings. Something that forms foundation of what one knows. Nevertheless, there are individuals that acquire knowledge on the basis of strong believe they have with or without having had past experience with such happenings. However, their strong believe could be as a result of relation of similar occurrences or happenings in past. Therefore, it can be argued that one can acquire knowledge from a direct or indirect foundation. On the context of epistemology, belief deals with when to believe something based on the cognitive content held as truth. ...
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