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Various concepts that revolve around knowledge

The paper tells that the philosophy of the social sciences is considered to have played a key role in the development and formation of the knowledge. Theories that explain knowledge does not have a sole issue to explain about. Instead, they present meta-theoretical debates. Meta-theory does not explain a specific object, event or activity; it involves a series of empirical real world practices as the object analysis. In early learning theories, main focus is on behaviorism. For people to be able to learn and remember new things, some things are considered to take place in the learning process. Some of these things are explained by behavioral and constructivism theories which focus their attentions on acquired factors that help the learner acquire knowledge. These two theories use idea of external factors that affects ones capacity to acquire and store the new knowledge. To these two theories, mental representations are the real images that we see around us which we perceive. The storage and interpretation of those images would not be possible without our mental representations. The mental representations are the ones that help us learn, store, and remember the information. The principle of simplicity states that subjectivity is the best and simple hence economical than many competing and complicated theories that explain morality. Metaphysics is the branch of philosophical thought that deals with issues of fundamental nature of reality and what lies beyond the experience ...
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This study is going to articulate on various concepts that revolve around knowledge. The knowledge people have on what is happening currently is based on assumptions and beliefs of previous happenings. Something that forms foundation of what one knows. …
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