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God's Omniscient; Man Isn't

3.5). Just like Moses after them, Abraham and Joseph humbled themselves before God and sought His wisdom and direction rather than relying upon their own reasoning and intellect. Moses, the man who stood up to Pharaoh and parted the Red Sea, demonstrates through the accounts of Abraham and Joseph that strength, victory, and wisdom come through a humble dependence on God for knowledge, while weakness, defeat, and foolishness are a result of a prideful reliance on one’s own knowledge and ability. Abraham, whose name means “father of many,” ironically lived his first 100 years as the father on none, and Moses goes through great length to show the unshakeable faith Israel’s patriarch, which is demonstrated through his leaning on God’s promises. God’s first promise to Abraham (at this time, “Abram”) was to make him into a great nation (Gen. 12.2). God, who was unfamiliar to Abram at this point, also told him to leave his settled land and travel west into unchartered territory with his wife Sarai (later called Sarah) and a caravan of all their possessions, herds, and servants. ...
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Name here Professor Philosophy 26 July 2011 God’s Omniscient; Man Isn’t While writing the Bible’s Book of Genesis through the inspiration of God, Moses understood the basic principle that God is omniscient and man’s knowledge is deficient. This is clearly evident though Moses’ accounts of Abraham and Joseph…
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