Leo Tolstoy and Kurosawa

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Leo Tolstoy and Kurosawa The novel The death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy deals with the life and death of Ivan Ilyich Golovin, the protagonist. To be specific, the protagonist’s realization of his self or enlightenment is the core aspect of the novel. The protagonist’s fear of imminent death forced him to be pessimistic and resulted in gradual enlightenment.


The movie revolves around the protagonist’s enlightenment and passion towards life. Both the works (novel and movie), deal with the same theme, but differs in treatment. Thesis statement: The novel The death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy and the movie Ikiru by Akira Kurosawa are two sides of the same coin, fear of death and passion towards life. Compare and contrast The techniques used by Kurosawa in the film Ikuru which differentiates his work form Tolstoy In the film Ikiru, Kurosawa made use of a number of techniques like flash backs and narrative ellipse which differentiates his work from Tolstoy. Yoshimoto makes clear that “Second, the film presents this story in a complex narrative structure created by flash backs, voice-over narration, and narrative ellipses” (194). Apart from Ivan Ilyich, Watanabe does not try to keep himself aloof from his personal life. When Watanabe came to know that he is going to die due to cancer, he did not try to retrieve from the process of socialization. Instead, he decides to change his attitude towards life and to enjoy the remaining days. The director made use of the protagonist’s mind and deeds as a mirror which reflects his feeling and emotions. Besides, the protagonist’s enlightenment or self-realization is not a gradual process. ...
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