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Are science and religion in conflict - Research Paper Example

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Are science and religion in conflict

According to science, everything which happens in the universe has a natural cause and it does not relate it to a God or an unseen force. On the contrary, the religion only believes in God and establishes its foundation on concept of God and in his unlimited powers. Science completely relies on proof and religion is depended on morality, faith and spirituality and hence both remains in conflict forever. All religion in the world is based on God and his attributes and science on other hand is a study of nature. The basis and principles of religion is passed on to people from their ancestors and elders and has strong grounds of belief and faith. But science is developed by studying and researching on elements of nature. Science only believes on fact and evidence based information and cannot rely on imagination and faith. The core reason for the conflict between science and religion is on matter of creation of universe and the former regards creation of universe as accidental whereas religion strongly believes that creation of universe is a planned action of God. Science does not believe in miracle or supernatural powers whereas the religious concepts have many illusionary and superficial thinking attached to it. Part Two: Argument Incompatible Nature of Science and Religion Science and religion has their ideas rooted in different subjects and as a result they conflict with each other on varied platforms. On every sphere of human activity like astronomy, history, medicine, human sexuality and religious practices and events, science and religion maintains different opinions. According to religion, the astronomy is related to the position of planets and the way they influence the everyday life of human beings. Ancient people used to make astronomical observation and understand the position of planets and assess their positive and negative effect on human beings. They integrated rituals and religious ceremonies keeping in mind the influence of planets on human life. As per science, astronomy is the study of various planets and their origin, nature and evolution. Even on history, science and religion contradict each other regarding various events taken place in the past like the creation of earth and flood story about Noah’s ark. The science neglects these stories as they believe in evidence found by fossil excavation and anthropology. Science believes in Darwin’s evolution theory and suggests that man evolved from apes. According to old and New Testament, earth is millions of years old whereas science suggests that earth are not that old as testament indicate. In relation to language, religion believes that it originated among people of Babel in Middle East. However, science point out that language evolved among people who travelled in groups and sub groups during migration. When it comes to medicine, there is also difference of opinion among science and religion .Science believes that medicine is the only means to heal diseases where as religion is of the opinion that faith and prayers to the God helps people to keep away from illnesses. Religion believes in the connection of body with the soul and how God exists in the soul of all human beings. Since faith in religion is something related to mind and grounded in the belief of God, science does not give importance to it. According to (Cray, 2006) “God cannot be completely contained within nature, and therefore God's existence is outside of science's ability to really weigh in”. Science mainly relates itself with nature and its activities, whereas religion sees and believes in things beyond nature. In religion there ...Show more


Science and religion are two important areas in the lives of human being which are not compatible with each other. Both the concepts of science and religion have roots established in different dimensions of human activity sphere…
Author : miller41
Are science and religion in conflict essay example
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