Quiz on Philosophy and Psychology

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Name 29 July 2011 Assignment 1. The research program being discussed and written about within the scope of this assignment includes understanding the aspect of conforming to the needs of society. Conforming means giving in to what one’s peers are doing and carrying out the same actions even though a man might be capable of or might have the potential to carry out better tasks as compared to the nature of the previous one.


2. Ancient Greek society witnessed the emergence of two of the most prominent thinkers the world has known today, namely, Plato and Aristotle. They each have contributed a great deal to philosophy and political science and have formed the basis for most of the subjects in the field of social science that people have tried to understand and take forward. Plato mainly wrote Socratic dialogues that have been used to understand his views on the mind, self and society. According to him, it is important for a man to have a stable thought process. He laid down theories like the Allegory of the Cave in order to depict the kind of limited knowledge that a man might have about the world around him and talked about society on the same lines. Aristotle on the other hand has been regarded as the father of political science and he said that society is made of people who need to live with accordance to the state that has been created by man as well. ...
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