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Philosophy: Report In the article “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping The Poor.” Ecologist Garrett Hardin uses the analogy of rich nations as lifeboats in debating whether the rich nations of the world have an obligation to help the poor nations. If we divide the world crudely into rich nations and poor nations, two thirds of them are desperately poor, and only one third comparatively rich, with the United States the wealthiest of all.


  Global wealth was accumulated in the moderately populated western world until recent past. However, the entry of globalization helped global wealth to shift from the western world to heavily populated Asian countries such as China, India, Korea etc. However, the shift of wealth is taking place slowly and unevenly. In other words, majority of the poor countries remain poor even after the introduction of globalization because of various reasons such as ethnic clashes, lack of good governance, lack of infrastructure to exploit globalization opportunities, lack of education etc. In short, poor countries need further assistance from the richest countries for maintaining their economic growth. Under such circumstances, the argument of ecologist Garrett Hardin that rich nations should serve as the lifeboats for the poor nations is relevant. The distribution of global wealth is still uneven. It should be noted that nobody entered this world as rich or poor. The society and the politics have made some people rich at the expense of others. In other words, those who have more muscle power captured more wealth whereas the weakest people struggled for survival. Global wealth should be equally distributed in order to avoid poverty in this world. ...
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