War as Threat to Value of Life

War as Threat to Value of Life Essay example
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Professor’s Name: Stacy M. Burleson Student’s Name: David Ebert Module Title: Ethics 2306 Module No: Submission Date: 08-10-2011 War as Threat to Value of Life By critically evaluating the history of the world at large, it becomes crystal clear that wars and hostilities have always brought death, destruction, disturbances and desolation in their wake by challenging the very peace, prosperity and tranquility of the warring states and nations, and threatening the value of their life by shoving them into the whirlpool of uncertainty and socioeconomic collapse.


There was a time when war had been the order of the day, and warriors used to be looked with great reverence and admiration. Somehow, the two Great Wars of 20th century have realized the people the fatal aftereffects of the bloodshed and aggression, where hundreds of thousands of people died and turned wounded and disabled, along with the reversal of financial and scientific achievements man had invented and devised after the hard efforts of many decades. Hence, wars brought ruination to progress, prosperity, unity and moral values, and crush all ethics and quality of human life under their chariot wheels. It is fact beyond suspicion that the history of war is as old as the history of human arrival on the very face of the earth. ...
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