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Term Paper example - The Nature of Love in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard

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Philosophy of Kierkegaard is a great value for all people. It opens our eyes on the greatest feeling of the world, on Love. Kierkegaard interprets this powerful phenomenon, describes its aspects and issues and correlates its forms…

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Nevertheless, an accumulator of romantic and dutiful forms of love is Christian love. The way Kierkegaard develops his vision of different forms of love is illustrated by his quotations. Providing an in-depth analysis of the quotes, we’ll make an attempt to penetrate into the depth of the nature of love, following one of the greatest philosophers of the nineteenth century, Soren Kierkegaard. Romantic love The basis for discussion about romantic love was found by Kierkegaard in Plato’s Symposium. Plato presents mainly a male perspective on love, because there is more letters by Johannes to Cordelia. There are only three of them written by Cordelia to him in the preamble to “The Seducer’s Diary” under the male pseudonym “A” (Collins, 1953). An interesting character of the reflective seducer shows to the readers, that it is much more interesting to live and perceive love in possibility and not in actuality. This man is involved into interesting modeling of reflections and different modes of action. There is an interesting myriad of psychological states and having travelled across different moods it is only possible to perceive one or another thing or phenomenon. Thus, this character is an intermediary taster of different forms and aspects of love. He cannot experience it to the fullest extent, because of his unachieved selfhood, but on the other hand he cannot perceive all aspects of Christian love, because this form of love is too elevated for him. In this work Kierkegaard differentiates romantic love from Christian love. In his further work this differentiation remains, but there can be seen transformations and correlations between these types of love, which will be presented further on (Collins, 1953). ...
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