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Euthanasia Student Name Course Name Euthanasia The human race has developed and progressed from an era of Stone Age to a period of revolution and technology. The human mind has broadened and people have started to identify themselves as individual beings and have come to realize their rights.


The concept of Euthanasia or Physician Assisted Suicide is one such idea which has been subjected to many moral and ethical implications. The word euthanasia actually means “good death” and it is also sometimes referred to as “mercy killing.” It is a practice whereby the life of an individual is ended with the assistance of physicians to end the agonizing state and misery of a patient. The subject has sparked many controversies globally and many nations across the world have taken the bold step of legalizing this practice. Euthanasia is a practice which is mainly for the good of the patient as it is a method of ending the difficult state that a person lives in. It is mainly a patient selected option and the desire of the patient is given due preference before this practice is carried out (Knox 2005; Manning 1998). Euthanasia is a controversial practice but legalization of this practice is justified owing to the assistance that it brings to the people and owing to the fact that every individual has a right to choose what he considers correct for himself. The subject of Euthanasia is a globally acknowledged issue and there are many countries in the world that have legalized this practice. Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium are amongst the countries where this practice has been allowed. Switzerland is a country where foreigners are also allowed to come and opt for this practice. ...
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