Analysis of Chuang Tzu 33 Chapters Later Edited by Kuo Hsiang

Analysis of Chuang Tzu 33 Chapters Later Edited by Kuo Hsiang Essay example
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Analysis of Chuang Tzu 33 chapters later edited by Kuo Hsiang Outline:People in the West apart from the academic circles know little or nothing about the Chinese philosophers. The two most common known Chinese philosophers are Confucius and Loa Tzu. This essay is about one of the most enigmatic Chinese philosopher and literary figure, Chaung Tzu__ a personality not well or to be more precise, little known off, to the rest of the world.


The main body of the essay consists of detailed discussion of his philosophic and literary masterpiece. As is obvious the original work is in the Chinese language, hence the main source of this essay is the translation of Chuang Tzu's complete work by the another famous orientalist A.C. Graham __ "Chaung Tzu, The Inner Chapters". Introduction: Little is known of the man Chuang Tzu, except the some sattered details found in miscellaneous official historical records. He lived during the Warring States Era ( 403-221 B.C. ) in the Chinese history; he held a minor official post, and he was a resident of a place called Meng, in the present day Honan Province. At this bleak junction in the Chinese history a phenomenon known as the Baijia, or the hundred schools of thought, emerged. Each of these schools propagated their peculiar brand of remedies to cure the social malaise to rid the Chinese society of the culture of violence and gore. The basic point that in a way united these schools was the fact that all of these schools of thought wanted to a state of social harmony, both at the level of the state and the individual. ...
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