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Assisted Suicide: A Right or Wrong - Research Paper Example

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In other cases, euthanasia is given to old patients who have gone into comma and have remained in that state for years. People may want to die because of several reasons. They may be continuously feeling very low in depression, and may seek refuge in suicide, though there is also a significant percentage of people that resolve to finish their lives because of occasional distress and emotional outburst, that may occur as a result of divorce, loss of a loved one or forced sex. Euthanasia is one of the most controversial topics that have invited a lot of debate. Euthanasia is approached with two different views, one of which is traditional that generally considers euthanasia a bad practice, but considers it justified under special circumstances when the pain is inevitable and there is no way out by treatment. The modern view about euthanasia distinguishes between active and passive euthanasia and considers the former forbidden as per all standards of ethics, religion and morality while the latter is considered allowable. Hence, assisted suicide and mercy killing are allowed in the modern view of euthanasia. This paper discusses the ethical implications of this practice from both sides of the debate. Moral principles and rules are principally justified by two fundamental ethical theories; deontological ethics and utilitarianism. The second theory is also referred to as consequentialism because it evaluates the justification of an action on the basis of its consequences. Utilitarianism is approached in several ways, but the most common utilitarian approach to ethics does not consider any action intrinsically good or bad. It is neutral towards all moral rules and acts. The criterion for considering an action or rule right or wrong in utilitarianism is “solely a matter of the overall nonmoral good (e.g., pleasure, happiness, health, knowledge, or satisfaction of individual desire) produced in the consequences of doing that act or following that rule” (Moreland, 1992). Thus, utilitarianism considers morality nonmoral good materialized as a result of moral rules and actions. In the utilitarian view, moral responsibility is instrumental rather than intrinsic. Morality leads to a conclusion. It is not a conclusion in itself. The utilitarian view has conventionally received a lot of criticism of the theologians and philosophers fundamentally because it deems many immoral things moral just because their consequences are not troublesome. The utilitarian view considers all such practices ethical whose results are favorable. This is the main reason why most philosophers and theologians refer to the deontological ethics for evaluation of any matter. Deontological ethics evaluates a rule or action on the basis of natural moral law, Scripture, and common sense. There are three primary features of the deontological ethics, the first of which emphasizes that a duty needs to be done for nothing but its own sake. The justification of a rule or action partly depends upon its intrinsic moral traits. The deontological ethics considers such as acts stealing, lying, killing and promise breaking as intrinsically unjustified and thus, deems them unacceptable under all circumstances. Nevertheless, this does not, in any way, mean that the results of the rules or actions have no importance in their assessment. In fact, in deontological ethics, it is the results that fundamentally dictate which plan needs to be adopted so as ...Show more


Euthanasia (Assisted Suicide): Pros And Cons Name Subject School Euthanasia (Assisted Suicide): Pros and Cons Euthanasia combines two separate Greek terms namely “eu” and “thanatos”. These words when combined and interpreted in English mean “good/happy death”…
Author : marinahagenes
Assisted Suicide: A Right or Wrong
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Making decision in the chaotic and confusing daily environment of human society is what characterizes problems individuals are subjected to. Consequently, numerous ethical problems have emerged that human finds it practically difficult to make decisions.
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Assisted Suicide
Though conscience, you may not appear to be and communicating the level of pain is impossible. You can think and feel but nothing more. Medications help but only partially and in phases that alternate between feeling moderate pain in a semi-sleep state and a more lucid condition but experiencing excruciating pain.
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This may take the form of a physician providing a patient with information about lethal dose and sleeping pills while knowing that the prescription may lead to the patient’s death. Much as it is tragic, its proponents argue that some patients may end up deciding that death is the best option instead of undergoing such a miserable and painful experience.
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Those against this practice on the other hand state that it is unethical for physicians to help their patients commit suicide when they have taken the Hippocratic oath to protect and preserve the lives of their patients. Both sides of this debate have made some very pertinent arguments in support of their sides and it has been very difficult for many societies and people to come to an understanding concerning this matter.
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People are faced with realization that a diagnosed illness will end their lives every day. They are told there are no treatments and no cures that will save you. Death
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