Different Views on Assisted suicide (I Agree with Assisted Suicide)

 Different Views on Assisted suicide (I Agree with Assisted Suicide) Essay example
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Assisted Suicide Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide is getting popular in most parts of the world even though it is highly controversial. Some people argue that assisted suicide is a wrong concept both ethically and medically. In their opinion, taking the life of a person is a crime under any circumstances.


In other words, medical profession is intended for saving life rather than destroying it. On the other hand, there are many people who believe that assisted suicide should be allowed legally in order to avoid the pain, agony and discomfort of the patients in no hope conditions. In their opinion, nobody wants to sustain their lives in miserable conditions, if the hope for a survival is completely out of question. Under such circumstances, it is better to assist those people in finishing their lives rather than forcing them to suffer the pain and agony further. In this paper I argue in favour of assisted suicide after analysing both the sides of the issue. Arguments against assisted suicide The major argument against assisted suicide is with respect to the ethical issues involved in it. “Many faith groups within Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religions believe that God gives life and therefore only God should take it away” (Info: Ethical aspects of PAS, n. d.). Religions argue that life is the blessing of God and man has no authority over it. God has created human life on earth for certain missions. He takes the life back only after the completion of the mission assigned to each person. Disallowing God to complete his missions is unethical according to religions. ...
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