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Personal World View Name Course Instructor Date A world view is one’s presuppositions or the way they interpret life in order to come up with decisions. They enable the person to come up with values, rules and regulations that determine his lifestyle in future.


It also serves as an explanation and interpretation of the daily events of the world and how the explanation is applied to our daily lives (Bengtsson 41). The beliefs that one has about a given situation are the driving force to the world views that he will come up with. It is the beliefs that serve as evidence for the ways in which he interprets reality. Religious world views also cannot be the same as secular world views as they differ in terms of evidence and the point of argument. It is the world view that gives one confidence in everything he does an indication that they are able to judge their actions as being either right or wrong. It therefore gives one confidence and with it they can be able to defend their actions as they have specific rules that they cane respond to incase of an argument or confrontation. The world views are however different when it comes to dealing with different people hence the need to understand the difference that occurs in character among the people. This can therefore be affected by cultural and sexual orientations. The Christian world view focuses its arguments on the teachings of the bible and that God is the whole source of truth. Therefore understanding of God will enable an individual to be able to understand the purpose for the daily events in life. It is through God that we can be able to tell the absolute truth. ...
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