Composing a Philosophy of Eating

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Name of author: Philosophy of Eating Obesity or overweight is a big problem in most of the countries. Both children and adults are equally vulnerable to obesity related health problems. Overweight reduces the mobility of the people and therefore it is difficult for obese people to maintain a sound health.


I have few friends in my school who are suffering from obesity related health problems. These friends do not have the ability to play with us because of their overweight. Because of the severe harassments facing from their friends, they like to spend their leisure time either in the library or in front of the computers. Replying to one of my question, one of these obese friends told me that it is difficult for him to take less food even though he likes to reduce his weight. In other words, it is better to take preventive measures before obesity actually strikes a person. The above fact taught me a lesson and I decided to control my eating habits in order to escape from the threat of obesity related problems. This paper describes my philosophy of eating, formulated based on the data collected from my surroundings. My current philosophy of eating can be described in few words; eat nothing unless it’s worth eating. In other words, it is better to eat something only at times when we experience hunger. There are many people who eat something even if they don’t feel hunger, in order to give company to others. I also had such habits. Foods should be consumed only at times when a person feels hungry. Our body has the ability to remind us the necessity of energy in the form of hunger. ...
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