John Stuart Mill's view of the Iraqi War, according to his book "On Liberty"

 John Stuart Mill
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Name Professor’s Name Subject Date John Stuart Mill's view of the Iraqi War according to his book “On Liberty” Pity the planet, all joy gone from this sweet volcanic cone; peace to our children when they fall in small war on the heels of small war-until the end of time to police the earth, a ghost orbiting forever lost in our monotonous sublime.


The answer to both of these questions is negative, for sure. It is more interesting to discuss ethical and moral principles of war in the modern context from the perspective of Utilitarianism. One of the greatest utilitarian philosophers is John Stuart Mill and his main positions from his philosophical work “On Liberty” are further on applied for the discussion about war in Iraq. In this book one of the greatest utilitarian philosophers underlines the importance of liberty and freedom of thinking for every individual. At the same time, he claims that people should be willing to have freedom, because if someone would give it to them as a gift they will not appreciate it to the fullest extent. According to Mill, freedom must be gained by people. Therefore, American war in Iraq is considered from the perspective of humanitarian intervention. In order to evaluate this in an unprejudiced manner, both positive and negative sides of intervention are referred to the book by Mill. Thesis: Striving for liberty is the dominant principle for any nation. There is no nation, but a crowd of dummies in case there are no principles of freedom in the suppressed nations or they are not striving for liberty. ...
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