Plato's Republic Philosophy Essay

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Writer’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Plato’s Republic Plato’s Republic begins a whole series of works of political nature that draws readers to the best types of public organizations to ensure the happiness of the individual, according to philosophers.


In other words, the Republic by Plato is primarily a treatise about the formation of man. It is a political work not in the conventional sense, but in the sense as Socrates makes it understandable. However, the huge educational truth, which is clearly represented in the Republic - is a strong correlation of the image of man and space where the person is placed. It is not only an artistic principle, but it is also a moral law. The main thesis is that a perfect man can be formed only in a perfect state, and vice versa: the creation of the perfect state is the problem of a man forming. This is the reason for the interdependence of the inner structure of the man and the state, the interdependence of human types and types of state. Thus, exactly this perspective allows to understand why Plato attached great importance to the influence of the social atmosphere on the formation of any person. In the beginning of this paper it is necessary to mention that Plato is interested in various notions and he tries to demonstrate the own views on political and public life through Socrates’ understanding of reality. ...
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