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As a result, there have been conflicts as to the reliability of science or religion as sources of knowledge, which in turn affects people’s acquisition of new knowledge. In view of this, the aim of this paper is to show how faith in science and religion affect people’s acquisition of new knowledge. Knowledge can be pursued through religion or science, though they both use different methodologies. As stated earlier, research has revealed that conflicts exist between science and religion. Moreover, owing to controversial scientific discoveries, religion and science have been increasingly drifting apart. Science and religion differ because; while scientific knowledge is gained through empiricism and reason, religious knowledge is based on faith and divine revelation. In view of this, people with strong religious beliefs may not easily accept new knowledge that is not based on faith or divine revelation. On the other hand, people with strong scientific beliefs may reject new knowledge that is not based on reason or empiricism. The differences in perspectives between science and religion have further been facilitated by the fact that while science is constantly changing, religion tends to be static most of the times. Religious doctrines rarely change, thus people who have faith in religion may have this mentality when it comes to the acquisition of new knowledge. Such people are usually hesitant to embrace new changes or developments in the society. Moreover, any teachings that deviate from their religious beliefs are rejected, regardless of how helpful they might be. This absence of tolerance could hinder such people from acquiring new knowledge, since they are severely restricted by religion. Science on the other hand is more flexible, thus individuals with faith in science are open to new ideas. They also tend to be tolerant about other people’s opinions, since their perceptions are not restricted by any religious doctrine. As a result, it is easier for people who have faith in science to gain new knowledge, since such knowledge is considered a stepping stone to future discoveries. The inflexibility of religion has been demonstrated in various ways, showing that it indeed hinders people from acquiring new knowledge. The religious stand on the issue of HIV/AIDS is a good illustration that faith in religion affects how people respond to new knowledge. Owing to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, scientists have recommended the use of condoms as one method of minimizing spread of the disease, which has no cure. However, the church, which is a religious institution, has strongly opposed use of condoms. The Catholic Church strongly opposes the use of condoms, yet scientists have proved that condoms are effective in curbing the spread of the disease. Faith in religion that condoms are not acceptable by the Roman Catholic Church has affected efforts by health professionals to teach people that using condoms reduces the chances of contracting the disease. Roman Catholics cannot accept the use of condoms under any circumstances, while at the same time they do not have a better solution to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. Although this new knowledge could actually save their lives, it is rejected on the basis of faith in religion. In this case, it is apparent that while scientific claims are backed up by proven facts, the refusal of condom use by the church is only based on faith rather ...Show more


How does our faith in religion and science affect our gaining new knowledge? Introduction In the contemporary society, one of the most important factors is knowledge. There are several ways of acquiring knowledge, such as through education or apprenticeship…
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