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Student Name Course Date Philosophy Philosophy engages five areas of inquiry: logic, ethics, politics, metaphysics and esthetics (Durant, 1961). Socrates, an Ancient Greek philosopher is largely regarded as the father or Western philosophical thinking. His student Plato is credited with providing the most insightful representations of Socrates’ philosophies in his works and dialogues (p.


An analysis of the philosophical works of Plato and his representations of Socrates together with Marx’s Communist Manifesto informs of the ideological underpinnings of philosophy and its contribution to Western philosophy. Socrates’ died in much the same way as he lived: exuding in his philosophical logic that the body and the soul are separate entities. In Jacques-Louis David’s (1787) Death of Socrates the ancient Greek philosopher is sitting on his death bed and is about to take hemlock from his executioner, but he remains animated and talkative. The impression left by the painting is that while his disciples and the executioner are profoundly saddened by his death, Socrates continues to believe in his philosophy that the soul is timeless although the body is not. David’s (1787) painting therefore represents the perpetuation of Socrates’ philosophy. Within ten years of Socrates’ death, his philosophical ideologies were carried over by Plato, one of his most ardent students/disciples (Graham, 1992). Much of Plato’s philosophical writings appear to be a mere “reproduction of speeches delivered by other persons” particularly Socrates (Merlan, 1947, p. 406). ...
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