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Ethical Consideration of Using Nuclear Weapons - Essay Example

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Ethical Considerations of Using Nuclear Weapons Introduction The dawn of August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945, when atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not only put the last nail in the coffin of Second World War but at the same time, initiated a huge debate about the ethical considerations of using nuclear weapons…
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Ethical Consideration of Using Nuclear Weapons
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Ethical Consideration of Using Nuclear Weapons

64-67). Discussion As mentioned earlier, it was during August 1945 that the world witnessed how destructive and horrendous are impacts of a nuclear bomb but the “nuclear weapons age” formally began a month later from this event on July 16, 1945 at 5:29am. The scientists chose a quite area of the New Mexico desert and that place of the experiment is now known as Jornado de Muerto (Journey of Death) (Paul, pp. 314). The energy from that experimental explosion was so immense that people sitting 150 miles away could feel the shockwaves in the form of a brief earthquake. The explosion created so much light that all the mountains in the neighborhood became visible. The explosion produced its first mushroom shape cloud of smoke which would later go on to redefine the human existence on this planet. J. Robert Oppenheimer who was the Chief scientist and director of Manhattan Engineer District of the War Department project uttered the words from Bhagvand Geeta, which sum up the entire situation. He said, “Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds” (Krepon, pp. 19-23). ...
109-112). Furthermore, the human history has shown, repeatedly, that whenever human beings have had access to so much liberty, they have gone to behave in the same way as defined by Thomas Hobbes in its “state of nature”. This is the state when there is no government or law and order (and in this case, nuclear weapons are powerful than the governments thus disdaining the existence of the governments) and it would be a society where it would be one against all. There would not be any injustice because there would be no law since “might is right” would rule the day (Cirincione, pp. 64-67). People who support the idea of nuclear weapons fail to understand the disastrous impacts and the level of destruction, which it can bring when used. During any nuclear explosion, for the first few fractions of second, the temperature of the fireball created by the nuclear explosion will be more than the temperature of the surface of sun and that is more than 6000 degree centigrade (Tannenwald, pp. 220). Due to its high temperature, it will radiate heat and light to within several miles of the denotation point and people in the surroundings will not explode but they would actually be evaporated in such a way that there would remain no trace of them. Even within the three miles radius of the denotation point, the intense light flash and heat would cause the carbonization of the skin, ignition of the clothing and the sand particles in the surrounding would explode like popcorn having the potential to cause enough damage to humans. Experts believe that nuclear explosions have the capability of setting fires in any dry objects, which are in the radius of 100 square miles (Lee, pp. ... Read More
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