The Politics by Aristotle

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Aristotle - book - The Politics One of the most influential and enduring works of political philosophy in the history of humanity, Aristotle’s Politics is generally considered as the continuation of the Nicomachean Ethics and both of them together deal with the philosophy of human affairs.


An understanding of the historical circumstances and intellectual legacy of this work helps one in identifying the influential role of Aristotle’s Politics in political philosophy. As Swanson and Corbin (2009) maintain, “His critical analysis of things political and intellectual emanates from a perspective that sees a necessary and objective linkage between politics and ethics.” (Swanson and Corbin, 1) Therefore, it is important to recognize that one of the essential factors contributing to the universal approval of this work is that it establishes the connection between politics and ethics. In a careful analysis of this classic work by Aristotle, it becomes lucid that it is one of the best examples of philosophical writings on the relationship between politics and ethics and it deals with various crucial aspects of politics. Aristotle is also explicit and clear about the qualities of people who rule the state, the people who are ruled (citizen), and the merits and demerits of different types of government. A profound exploration of Aristotle’s Politics confirms that Aristotle is highly effective and convincing in proving that politics is the fundamental feature of human beings and that no human being can neglect the prime role of politics. ...
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