Consensus on Global Warming

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Consensus on Global Warming Introduction The role of human contributions in the gradual rise of global warming is becoming increasingly arguable on scientific grounds, and people have started to locate the roots of the problem is other environmental and political factors as well.


This has introduced some new areas of debate which require a solid scientific intervention to achieve a consensus on the issue. What is the debate? The arguments that come for, and against the human role in the rising global warmth are interesting, and both have stringent views on the issue. Attributing the global warming to human actions Al Gore (6) states, “I have learned that, beyond death and taxes, there is at least one undisputable fact: Not only those human caused global warming exists, but it is also growing more and more dangerous, and at a pace that has now made it a planetary emergency.” On the other hand, a number of scientists accept the fact that our planet is becoming warmer; negate the human role in the issue. Especially, the last one and half-century has witnessed a quick rise in earth temperatures. However, they argue that the case against human activity is not supported by the solid scientific research. Hollander (66) narrates this sentiment in these words, “However, the evidence of human contribution is, at best, suggestive. Hard evidence simply doesn’t exist.” The scientific proof that the global warming is caused and aggravated by human actions is considered inadequate and flimsy by these scientists, and they attribute this hype to various political reasons and natural phenomenon. ...
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