"Death and Dying" by Rosamond Rhodes

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Death and Dying Over the past few decades, with technological advancements and progress of the society, a lot many concepts have undergone a sea change. The thoughts surrounding death and the process of dying are examples of such concepts. The article “Death and Dying by Rosamond Rhodes” assesses these dynamic concepts and the acceptable standards of decision making in this very sensitive issue.


From biological point of view, death is marked by a point where the entire or a part of the organ system ceases to work. Again, from a social point of view, death is marked by the point where a physician or a socially authorized person, after assessing a body, declares it dead. Moreover, from a moral point of view, death is that point where a person ceases to be a person i.e. when he/she can no longer act out of reasons or when they cannot be held responsible for their behavior. There are many criteria on the basis of which a person can be declared dead. First is the cardiopulmonary criterion whereby, when a person stops breathing and his/her heartbeat stops as well, the person is declared dead. This criterion has been followed by many organized religious bodies across the globe as a standard for declaring a person dead. Next is the brain dead criterion whereby a person is declared dead if his/her full brain cannot function and will never be able to function again. ...
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