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Name 27 September 2011 Hume Philosophy David Hume was a noted philosopher of the 18th century. He was a Scottish philosopher and rose to prominence in 1739 after his first book titled “A Treatise of Human Nature” came out. According to Hume the most strong force driving the human beings was not reason but desire.


Hume wrote a book on religion known as the “Dialogues concerning Natural Religion”. Following is a piece from that literature: “an eternal inherent principle of order to the world” In this piece of conversation Hume is arguing on the principle of religion and the ideology propagated by the religious texts and other literature. He says that the religion has been propounded as the order to the world. The religious people always based their theory tp be the world of God and Hume is questioning the same theory by making a sarcastic point with effect that all this is a theory in nature and nothing else. The reality is something according to Hume. To this point Philo says that religion is the ultimate truth in the universe and that those who do not follow religion and despise should be given a punishment so that they understand the importance of religion as well as believe in them. To this point Hume says that all this is propaganda by the religious organizations who try to turn people into believing the religion of their choice so as to include maximum number of people into this theme to make their ideology powerful, but in reality there is nothing like religion which exists. He goes on to say that there are other means to achieve salvation and self-satisfaction in the world. ...
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