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Name Professor Course Date Monism Monism is a philosophy that is focused on the concept that the whole is more important that the parts, which can also be stated as a unity of concept which is prioritized above all others (Schaffer “Monism: The Priority of the Whole” 31-76).


It follows the main formula which depends on the target and the unit. Monism is the opposing concept of pluralisms and nihilisms, because these concepts are focused on the importance of plurality in the nature of things (Scaffer “Monism”). The objective of the paper is to present a perspective on materialistic monism, one of the main types of the concept. Due to the numerous types of monism, one can surmise that any individual can have one of his or her own but the pressing question is which one is the most applicable to be used and to be prioritized. Materialistic monism is the feasible paradigm that can justify the interrelatedness of entities in nature. Supporting Evidences of Monism There are different concepts in the historical and contemporary knowledge that can be used to support the connection between natural phenomena and materialistic monism. One of the main evidences in that of the biological realism specifically the manner by which the brain works. The human body is one of the examples of entity in nature. Monism explores the manner by which different entities exist as one. It can be translated that the different matters are composed of similar units. The human body as that of nature is composed of units that can be considered related to every other component of matters and entities in nature. ...
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