Different Societies have Different Moral Codes and Ethics

Different Societies have Different Moral Codes and Ethics Essay example
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Name Instructor Task Date Ethics and Culture Introduction Ethics is a system of moral values, which define what is accepted or what is not accepted in society. Ethics enable people to make decisions since they dictate the things that people should or should not do to gain public acceptance.


Therefore, ethics is the main framework that guides actions of people in the society since it encompasses the actions that people should do or avoid doing.1 People’s concepts of ethics are acquired from religion, philosophy and culture, and the three will establish the ethical standards of any community. Different communities will have different ethical standards, and this bring the question of if ethics is relative to society and that there is no basis for saying that acts are right or wrong, independent of what this or that culture says. Cultural Relativism Mary Midgely explains that people find it hard to understand the moral values of other cultures since they will have different values. For example, in Africa, some communities practice female circumcision and the belief is that all women should undergo this procedure. However, this is exceedingly rejected by other communities, and in the United States, this is strictly prohibited. She explains that people need to understand their own culture in order to appreciate what their own culture expects them to do. The ethical standards in a community will be guided by the values that custom has placed on society. However, since there are societal disorders, some people deviate from the customs and this cause the evils in the society. ...
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