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William James believed that the truth is found in experiences and not in judgments about the world. He gave his most distinctive and resonating lecture, “The Will to Believe” in 1896.


He wanted to show that sometimes it is justifiable to hold beliefs that are not supported by sufficient evidence (Cronk; James “The Will To Believe and Other Essays”; James “A History…” ). It was tackled that it was not a matter of either choosing A or not A as long as you made a passionate decision. Everything do have an explanation, whether it is readily available or yet to be discovered. Whether a hypothesis that is being believed by a person is “alive” or “dead” that person still believes on something in his advocacy. The passion within that person will make him strive more to seek for answers and ideas to be tested as to whether or not what he believes in holds true or not. Most of the time, he seek more supporting ideas that will make his belief more justifiable to non-believers. What needs to be done is to follow the passion and let it decide. The passion that had been acquired reflects a universal acquired wisdom and learned lessons (Cronk; James “The Will To Believe and Other Essays”; James “A History…”). ...
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