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MEDICAL PHILOSOPHY: THE FOUR PRINCIPLES APPROACH AND DUTIES CONFLICTS By [Author’s Name] Medical Philosophy: The Four Principles Approach and Duties Conflicts Introduction Bioethics is the field of medical philosophy focused on the analysis of moral judgments and propositions.


However, as more professionals are coming to realize its philosophic and ethical value, the four principles approach is gradually becoming an object of hot professional criticism. The approach is believed to lack capacity to resolve duties conflicts in medicine. This is mainly because the four principles lack agreement and can even be in conflict. Despite the growing body of criticism, the prima facie rule proposed by W.D. Ross has the potential to resolve the controversy surrounding the four principles approach and enhance the quality of ethical conflict resolution techniques in the medical field. The four principles approach: A brief insight Bioethics emerged in the middle of the 1960s, to provide broad philosophic and ethical support in medicine (Kattan 2009). Rapid advancements in biotechnology and healthcare ethics challenged established ethical beliefs and norms and urged the development of new ethical standards in medicine. The four principles approach was created to respond to the changeable demands of medical ethics and philosophy. “The impetus for the development of this approach was the observation that people can often agree on what should be done, […] without being able to agree on why this course of action is the right one” (Kattan 2009, p.86). ...
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