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Pre-service teachers dealing with autism

The focus in this paper is on teaching that can be considered as an art form. Educators need to make learning an enjoyable experience for their students without sacrificing the quality of education that they as teachers would deliver. There have been scholarly revisions that have been made through the years as researches and further studies are conducted to cope up with changes in views about certain subjects and theories. Research papers are being published from time to time to further explain and elaborate on certain issues that people are facing in their everyday lives. Teaching can be compared to researches as both needs to up-to-date, reliable and well-explained. Firstly, the targeted group should be recognized and not just be included in figures. Therefore, was autism properly defined in the paper or how would a person with autism react? The definition of autism was given as a developmental disorder that has not been very well expounded to the public since the early days of its detection. What is being referred to as the “autistic syndrome” is considered as a biological condition that needs the medical involvement. There have been studies about it however the public is not well-aware of why and how it transpires. The general public still has questions on how they would treat people who has the disorder. Even educators have questions on what teaching style or approach would be effective for students with autism. ...
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It is noted in the paper that pre-service teachers who are specializing on special education demonstrates a more positive attitude towards students with autism. This is quite an obvious characteristic since it is the field that these pre-service teachers would want to focus on. …
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