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Food For Thought: A Philosophical Conversation About Food Abstract The purpose of this paper is to pursue the possible philosophical avenues that could be taken in the discussion of food. The topic of food has been talked about simply as a mundane conversation piece, yet it can also be explored through various philosophical thoughts.


& Monroe, D. Food and philosophy. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, Ltd. 2007. Print Allhof and Monroe’s book gives a very enlightening and also refreshing exploration on how philosophy can go about conversing about food and the activity of eating. There are various chapters that focus on a certain aspects of food and philosophy. Aesthetics and ethics cover certain themes and issues that involve the matter of food and eating. Aesthetics would try to expound on the nature of the good taste and refined experiences of eating food and what qualifies a dish to be wonderfully delicious. Ethics would speak on how eating should be done accordingly for the good of an individual. Each chapter in this book deals with such different themes and issues, and is written by various contributing authors from different fields related to the food culture and even life science. Iggers, J. Who needs a critic? the standard of taste and the power of branding. In F. Allhoff & D. Monroe (Eds.), Food and philosophy (pp.88-100). Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, Ltd. 2007. Print This article written by Iggers speaks on what is the standard of food that would consider it be of “good taste” and also the effects of branding that would affect the criteria of such standards. ...
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