What is the Taboo Thesis? The works of Gorer, Walter, Moller and Cline. - Essay Example

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What is the Taboo Thesis? The works of Gorer, Walter, Moller and Cline.

This phobia against death has made people avoid discussing death in public and today it has become a taboo, like pornography was in the medieval ages. Sociologists and thinkers such as Gorer, Moller and Cline have studied the subject in great detail with solid research and study and have recognized the changed behavior of people towards death. Instead of accepting its existence and getting on with the reality that we have to leave this world one day, people deny death and this is reflected in their behavior towards death rituals and gatherings. Discussing about death or the deceased person is considered to be strange in the society. People that talk of death or the deceased people face prudery at the hands of their social environment. And thus death has become a taboo, something not worth talking about. The scenario was not alike in the past; in fact this is a modern day development. ...
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Death distances humans from life, is what death is thought of today. Death that is the strongest proof of humans being mortals is denied on its face value by the modern age people…
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