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582322 Amish: "Avoidance of Technology And The Human Condition The Question: Could it be that the “primitive” way the Amish have been living it for hundreds of years may be the wave of the future? Promise and Problem The human condition could be improved if everyone regarded technology the same way the Amish do…


They do not have landline phones, but will own a cell phone to use at their place of business. True, they miss out on a information and ease, but people who are not Amish find that the fast-paced world of technology comes with a price: dwindling resources, pollution, unusable farmland, and pressures of a technological world. While other people deal with crashed computers, photos of genitalia on Twitter, and the high cost of gas, the Amish pass with a cordial wave from their buggies. They warm their homes with firewood, and read by lantern light. When the Amish “friend” somebody it involves camaraderie, not cyber gossip. The Amish do not hate technology, but they do not want the side effects. Ed Tenner explains, “Although the Amish make certain technological concessions, their way of life, of course, imposes limits, which stem from their core value” (Tenner 75). The Amish fear technology will make them less like Christ. The Amish want Gelassenheit, or submission to God, to be evident. By having few and plain material possessions, they show submission to God. “Any technology that does not uphold the Gelassenheit principles is banned” (Sharp). Electricity requires a connection to the outside world, so the Amish do not use it except for work. The Amish fear electricity causes sloth and greed. ...
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