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Direct Democracy: Pluses and Minuses - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Direct Democracy: Pluses and Minuses Democracy is a form of government in which all societal members have an equal right to the proposal, formulation and implementation of legislation. Democracy can be either representative or direct…

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Direct Democracy: Pluses and Minuses

In direct democracy, the majority determines the ultimate choice or decision (Ober 58). An example of direct democracy was the ancient democratic Athens. In democratic Athens, ordinary people sat in public assemblies and made policy decisions (Ober 58). Thucydides criticized this form of governance. He said that most Athenians believed silly things about themselves and their opponents because they listened amusing poetry and equally pleasant accounts of logographoi (Ober 58). He viewed poetry cynically because it was composure was to seek applause from uncritical audience. Thucydides then wondered how people who had wrong beliefs about their history could make appropriate decisions about the future. Following this view on people, he even predicted that they would find his account of history unpleasant because it lacked fables. Direct democracy then places a nation on the hands of many, whether educated or uneducated. It is an immense gamble for a nation. For direct democracy to be effective, all citizens should be able to participate in all civic processes. If the turnout is low, then the process is not democratic. It is almost impossible to be able to plan for a nationwide participation by all citizens in formulating laws. Some may be at work, tied, or outright uninterested. Despite the reasons, a low turnout would mean a non-democratic process. ...
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